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SNAP! From Chaos to Calm

Mindfulness expert Julie Potiker developed her SNAP method to give busy people an easy and effective way to tap into the calming power of mindfulness when they feel stressed or provoked. Julie shares the steps to restore calm and equanimity when you feel agitated, starting with self-compassion through soothing touch.

Reboot From Stressed to Calm With SNAP!

Stress is a contributing factor to heart disease, depression, obesity, and many other physical and mental ailments. But there are steps we can take to relieve its harmful effects. Julie discusses physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of stress and how we can use SNAP to snap out of stress and reboot our sense of calm, peace, and equanimity.

Uneasy? There’s a SNAP for That.

Julie details strategies for coping with anger, anxiety, grief, political strife and disaster, parenting struggles, and your inner critic from her new book, “SNAP! From Chaos to Calm.”

3 Self-Care Essentials

Julie explains why self-care begins with self-compassion, when to unplug from media, and the benefits of soothing touch when you are feeling touchy, agitated, sad, mad, or exhausted.

Exhausted? 10 Ways to Recharge & Beat Burnout.

Julie discusses symptoms of burnout and 10 simple things you can do to rejuvenate your mental health, reboot your mood, and boost your emotional wellness, even when you are on the job.

Mindful Methods Toolbox: 25 Ways to Cultivate Calm in Chaos

Julie shares her favorite tips for deepening your mindfulness practice and snapping into self-compassion when life gets tough.

4 Steps to SNAP out of Holiday Stress

Julie explains how to use the SNAP method to break the cycle of stress and reset your mind for more peace and joy.

Making New Year’s Resolutions a SNAP

Julie reveals how practicing mindful self-compassion can help you accomplish your goals.

3 Tips to Practice Gratitude for More Joy

The benefits of having a gratitude practice have been extensively documented, including lower blood pressure; stronger immune system; increased positive emotions such as joy, optimism, and happiness; and decreased feelings of loneliness and isolation. Julie shares three ways to start practicing gratitude today.

3 Mindful Tips for Dealing With Grief

Mindful Self-Compassion teacher Julie Potiker offers three soothing tips for those who are grieving, whether from the death of a loved one, the “death” of a marriage or friendship, or any of life’s other moments where we experience a deep sense of loss.

13 Mindfulness Tips for Dealing with Disaster

Sometimes it seems as if the world is ending. Just when one disaster blows through, another one blasts down with fury and devastation. How can we deal with disaster on the personal, local, and global level? Julie offers 13 tips.

It’s Time to Fire Your Inner Critic

We’ve all got those voices in our heads that speak to us in not the nicest of tones. Those voices are our inner critics. They try to keep us safe, but not in the best of ways. If you’re ready to take the wheel of your life and lay off that overworked critic (with severance and proper acknowledgement, of course), grab a writing utensil and a journal.

Change Your Brain’s Default Settings

It’s wild to think about, but it’s true: We can change our brains. It is the fundamental notion of experience-dependent neuroplasticity. Our thoughts and emotions fire neurons in our brains, which then wire together and form new neural circuits. Julie explains how “what fires together, wires together.”

Best Self-Care Tip? Be Your Own BFF.

A lack of self-care can leave you feeling unlovable, and that can make it very difficult to connect with others, which we are hardwired to do. This disconnection can then lead to depression, and things spiral out from there. Be your own BFF so you can always count on YOU, even when the hurt or chaos may be coming from the closest people and relationships in your life.

Loving Kindness 101: Getting Started

Loving Kindness meditation invites you to expand your ability to have compassion for yourself and others, including those who you find off-putting, for whatever the reason. It opens the doorway to the possibility of being mindfully calm, clear, and loving in an otherwise chaotic world.
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